As of June 1, 2020, the BARN will have a soft reopening in accordance with the State Guidelines for social distancing. We are making adjustments to best serve the community from day to day so please visit the BARN Facebook page or call us at 207-561-9444 for updates on hours and to inquire about our community safety procedures that are required to all visitors entering the facility.

Update 4/20/2020
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Community Safety Procedures

BARN provides recovery resources and support to those in Eastern &  Central Maine guided by the following:

Our Mission:

To provide a sustainable and reliable community recovery center that supports the needs of people affected by addiction.

Four Pillars of the BARN’s Foundation:

  1. Recovery is a process
  2. There are many pathways to recovery
  3. Recovery overcomes shame and stigma
  4. Supporting recovery is a community responsibility

Our Guiding Principles:

  • The BARN views addiction recovery from alcohol or other problems as a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence and improved health, wellness, and quality of life.
  • While all recovery is supported by BARN, the primary focus shall be to support and sustain recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Fiscal responsibility is essential.
  • While we recognize individual pathways to recovery, the principle of group conscience shall guide the organization.
  • BARN insists on a safe, sober, and clean environment and maintains abstinence as a goal of recovery.
  • Recovery is available and possible, for everyone. Love and tolerance are the forces guiding our efforts.


  • Run by Volunteers
  • Provides rental space for recovery meetings and /or events
  • Not Affiliated with any singular recovery program such as AA, NA, or Al-non
  • Safe place for people to grow in recovery

Six Ways You Can Support The BARN:

  1. Participate in BARN’s Activities and Events
  2. Become a Member
  3. Become a Volunteer
  4. Serve on One of BARN’s Committees:
    1. Operations-1st Monday of the Month
    2. BARCC- 4th Monday of the Month
    3. Development-2nd & 4th Thursdays of the Month
  5. Carry BARN’s message for recovery in the community
  6. Support the BARN with your generous tax-deductible Contribution

Board of Directors

The Bangor Area Recovery Network is proud to have a Board of Directors from diverse backgrounds, all passionate about their role as recovery advocates. In keeping with the standards of a community recovery center, over 50% of the Board members are in long-term recovery themselves, representing over 100 years of recovery.

Amy Clark, MBA – Chair

Bruce A. Campbell, LCSW, LADC, CCS – Vice Chair

Jim LaPierre – Vice Chair

Ashley Homestead – Secretary

Rich Nickerson – Treasurer

Joe Baldacci

Haley Beem, LADC, CCS, RCA

Ken Bloch

Mark Hathaway

Pat Hickey

John Lappin

Brandy Lovely

Shelly Yankowsky

Shawn Yardley



Sharon Field, Volunteer Coordinator

Sharon first stepped into the BARN five years ago looking for hope, she started volunteering that day and never looked back.  Now in long term recovery, she has been the volunteer coordinator at the BARN since 2015.  She handles the hiring and organization of all our volunteer hours.  Sharon is also a trained as both a domestic violence, and rape response advocate volunteer.  

Robert Fickett, Recovery Coach Coordinator

Robert is a Father, Son, Husband and Brother in long-term recovery. He is passionate about supporting and advocating for individuals in or seeking recovery.